Austin, Texas - When asked to describe herself, CFL founder Reverend Benae Colbért says, "I consider myself an old hippie, even though hippies are a thing of the past."

Ordained minister

Rev. Benae was born in Houston, Texas from a lineage consisting of Cherokee shamans and traders, as well as ancient and medieval Welsh peoples, tracing her bloodline back to French and Portuguese royalty, great grandparents (18-gen) King Louis and Eleanor of Aquitaine, and all the way back to the Merovingian court. Often found striding up to ceremonies in her black cowgirl boots, Reverend Benae is a true GRIT (Girl Raised in Texas) and 7th Generation Daughter of the Republic of Texas. Reverend Benae holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Communications and Psychology, and was raised in a "progressive" Southern Baptist household. Dancing, smoking and a little cussin' here and there were allowed. So was the occasional drink and public display of affection, as well as independent thought. So you're thinking by now, "How can you call that Southern Baptist?"  Read more...