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Rev. Benae Colbert, Owner, Ceremonies for Life
Reverend A. Benae Colbért
Founder & Owner, CEO of LOVE

Meet Reverend A. Benae Colbért, an experienced individual who knows the ups and downs of human relationships and the art of living life to its fullest. She's a curious soul who has studied many cultures and religions. Her spiritual beliefs are deeply rooted in having a sense of peace and purpose, and she finds happiness in leading a simple life.


Reverend Benae was born in Houston, Texas, from a lineage of Native American shamans, pioneers, traders, sharecroppers, and ancient and medieval Welsh peoples, tracing her bloodline back to French and Portuguese royalty. Often found striding up to ceremonies in her black cowgirl boots, Reverend Benae is a true GRIT (Girl Raised in Texas) and 7th Generation Daughter of the Republic of Texas.


Reverend Benae holds BA and MA degrees in Communications and Psychology. Raised in a "progressive" Southern Baptist household, dancing, smoking, and a little cussin' here and there were allowed. So were the occasional drink, public display of affection, and independent thought. So you're thinking by now, "How can you call that Southern Baptist?"

I consider myself an old hippie, even though hippies are a thing of the past.

Reverend Benae has a fascinating background, with a range of unique relatives, contradictions, and complications that have helped shape her into the spiritual and extraordinary woman she is today. Some might even describe her as a hippie cowgirl.


As a young girl, Benae was quite imaginative and creative. Rather than playing with dolls and teddy bears, she would perform weddings with her Barbies, cats, and dogs. However, she eventually outgrew this phase and matured.


In 1994, Benae attended a commitment ceremony in Austin, Texas, with some friends. Although she didn't know the couple, the experience profoundly impacted her. The minister performed the ceremony in front of an emotional backyard congregation, uniting two people in love and life in a way that Benae had never seen before. From that moment on, Benae secretly wished to do the same for others and has since made that dream a reality.

Reverend Benae has been marrying couples for more than 18 years now, and she plans to continue doing it full-time after retirement. It's a way better gig than being a Walmart greeter, don't you think?

Located in Austin, Texas, Reverend A. Benae Colbért is a legally ordained Interfaith minister and spiritual counsel specifically focusing on ceremonial rites and representing many experiences and backgrounds. Ceremonies For Life offers traditional and non-traditional wedding ceremonies, secular and non-secular, including elopements, micro-weddings, LGBTQ+ weddings, commitment ceremonies, handfasting, and civil ceremonies. Reverend Benae represents many experiences and backgrounds and will marry you to whomever you want, however, whenever, and wherever you want.

Rev Benae also conducts baptisms, blessings, invocations, and last rites and presides over funerals and holiday ceremonies.

"With all the things I've accomplished in my life, nothing has brought me more joy than marrying people. I guess that makes me a little selfish, but that's okay. "
Rev. Benae - Ceremonies for Life
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