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Okay-- you got engaged (congrats!), already picked a venue, found your wedding party, are in love with at least four dresses, have the suit locked down, are still deciding on catering or the cake, and definitely know what flowers you want. And now, it's time to find someone to marry you!


For over 18 years, Rev. Benae has officiated over 200 traditional and non-traditional wedding ceremonies, including destination weddings, hand-fasting, mixed tradition ceremonies, elopements or "micro-weddings," and LGBTQ+ weddings. Unusual and offbeat weddings are also in Rev. Benae's wheelhouse! She has officiated a fun and outrageous steampunk wedding, a small, sweet ceremony at Eeyore's Birthday, gorgeous weddings at the lake, at the beach during sunset, in couple's backyards, on Mount Bonnell, and scads of beautiful locations in Central Texas. Her secret dream is to officiate a wedding in a hot air balloon or underwater in a tropical destination. 

"I will marry you to whomever you want, however, wherever, and whenever you want!"

Foundational Ceremony Package includes:
Mon-Thurs $200 (Weekday)
Fri-Sun $250 (Weekend)
  • 1-hour Ceremony Consult. Here, we'll get to know each other and discuss your ideas and needs for your ceremony. I will help you choose from a collection of unique, meaningful content I've curated and written over the years to make your ceremony your own.

  • Build and write your ceremony

  • 1-hour rehearsal

  • Officiate your marriage ceremony (~1 hour)

  • Sign and file your license via USPS to the county clerk

  • See "Travel" and "Holidays" for surcharges.

Custom-written Ceremony Package includes:

Mon-Thurs $300 (Weekday)

Fri-Sun $350 (Weekend)

A Custom-written ceremony is any content outside the Foundational Ceremony options, such as new spoken text added for Rev. Benae to orate, unique vows and ring exchange, new content such as storytelling about the couple, or a newly architected order. 

  • 1-hour Ceremony Consult. Here, we'll get to know each other and discuss your ideas and needs for your ceremony. We'll discuss unique wording, order, and customization of your ceremony.

  • Build and write your ceremony

  • 1-hour rehearsal

  • Officiate your marriage ceremony (~1 hour)

  • Sign and file your license via USPS to the county clerk

  • See "Travel" and "Holidays" for surcharges.

Rev. Benae, Ceremonies for Life

Payment in full is due on or before the actual ceremony date. A $50 non-refundable deposit is due during the consultation to secure Rev. Benae for your ceremony date. The above services include Reverend Benae writing and performing your wedding ceremony to your specifications and satisfaction. Please contact me for all other services, including baptisms, blessings, and invocations.


A .50/mile fee will be assessed for the minister's total round trip driving mileage for rehearsal and the wedding day when the event is more than 20 miles beyond downtown Austin. The couple should arrange and fund locations with Valet Only or parking charges. The couple should set and fund locations that require air travel and accommodations.



Kindly add $50 if your ceremony will take place on any major U.S. holiday, including New Year's Eve & Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Eve & Day.​


"I mean it when I say I will marry you to whomever you want, however, wherever, and whenever.


Over the years, I've found many couples want to skip the time and cost investment of a big wedding (and the stress.) I've performed many elopements—some call them "micro weddings" at a couple's home, in a park, on the lawn of the State Capitol, at Mt. Bonnell, at the lake, and more.


For that reason, I offer my *Short & Sweet ceremony for $100, any day of the week, any time of the day (based on availability.) My service allows you to have a lovely ceremony that tells your unique love story without any of the hassle. Less than 30 minutes, and you are married!"


​ *Details:

  • Includes my civil ceremony; no additions, customization, or rehearsal

  • Performed any day of the week, any time of the day (based on availability)

  • Thirty-minute time limit

  • The ceremony must take place within 15 miles of the State Capitol in Downtown Austin

  • Must present a valid marriage license and IDs

  • I sign and file your license to the county clerk via USPS

  • A $50. non-refundable deposit is required to book with the remainder due at the ceremony

Mt. Bonnell Elopment
Marriage license signed!

Mel W. 

Rev. Benae officiated our wedding yesterday. She did an amazing job. She put together perfect bows and was very helpful coordinating the wedding party prior to the event. She was extraordinarily easy to talk to and experienced. I highly recommend Rev Benae.

I Do Is Just A Yes Away

Dona G.

Reverend Benae married my husband and I in April 2021. It was absolutely beautiful. The special words she said about our marriage was absolutely perfect!!! Made us very comfortable during the service even had a chuckle or two!!! I hope to have her renew our vows in years to come. She’s wonderful!!!

Hooray for the newly-married couple!

Rev. Benae went above and beyond to make sure our ceremony came out exactly as we envisioned it. She really connected with us as a couple and eased our concerns as we approached the big day. Thank you again for everything!

Signing the marraige license.

Erin Pina-Gotay

Rev Benae is the best out there! She went above and beyond what we could have ever hoped (and asked) for! From the start, she was very enthusiastic and informative, which shined a light on her professionalism and general knowledge of all ceremony types. She was also very open and accommodating to our needs and did not shy away from blending (2) different ceremony styles. Not to mention her willingness to bust out her Spanish for our out-of-town guests!! She has many ceremony options and is willing to take the time to understand particular practices. She is thorough and very accommodating when meeting or asking questions. Where else will you find an officiant who checks in on you week of to ensure your head is on tight for the last-minute crazies?! She is a true blessing, and we couldn't imagine anyone else officiating our special day! Thank you, Rev. Benae!!

Baby Baptism Ceremony
Baptisms and Christenings

​While traditional clergy typically administer baptism or christening inside a place of worship, I feel different about this spiritual ritual. My philosophy is: because we are all brothers, sisters, and parents to each other in life-- essentially caregivers, we also have the right to help each other attain a purified state. I offer this service however it needs to be customized.


We all experience change during our lifetimes. I believe life is about change, and coping with those times is one of the reasons we're on the planet. I offer the service of administering blessings of words and positive thought upon the manifestations of change, including house blessings, animals, new jobs and businesses, and even vehicles or boats.

Invocations and Holiday Ceremonies
Invocations and Holiday Ceremonies

Sometimes we all gather for one reason or another: at a meeting during the holidays to honor a season-changing. This is another time we need a spiritual petition, a prayer of entreaty, or a calling on the collective conscience to empower justification. For these times, I offer the service of invocation and prayer.

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