Wedding Ceremony Packages

A foundational wedding ceremony package includes:

  • 1-hour consultation to help you choose from a collection of unique, meaningful content I've written over the years

  • Writing your ceremony

  • 1-hour rehearsal

  • Officiating your marriage ceremony (1 hour)

  • See "Travel" & "Holidays" for surcharges.

A custom-written wedding ceremony package includes:

  • 1-hour consultation to discuss special wording, order, and customization outside of my current content offerings, templates, and order

  • Writing your ceremony

  • 1-hour rehearsal

  • Officiating your marriage ceremony (1 hour)

  • See "Travel" & "Holidays" for surcharges.

Wedding Sign


Foundational weekday wedding ceremony (Mon-Thurs) - $200

Foundational weekend wedding ceremony (Fri, Sat, Sun) - $250

Custom-written weekday wedding ceremony (Mon-Thurs) - $300

Custom-written weekend wedding ceremony (Fri, Sat, Sun) - $350


Payment in full is due on or before the actual ceremony date. A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of the consultation to secure a ceremony date. The above services include Reverend Benae writing and performing your wedding ceremony to your satisfaction. For all other services, including baptisms, blessings, and invocations, please get in touch with me.


A .50/mile fee will be assessed for the minister's total round trip driving mileage for rehearsal and the wedding day when the event is more than 20 miles beyond downtown Austin. Locations that require air travel and accommodations will need to be arranged and funded by the couple.



Kindly add $50 if your ceremony will take place on any major U.S. holiday, including Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.​

Ceremony Booklet


Thank you for writing and performing such a beautiful ceremony for us. Everyone commented on how cool they thought it was to include Ashley, and we had quite a few criers as well. Things could not have gone any better!

Amanda & Byron Houston

Baby Baptism Ceremony
Baptisms and Christenings

​While baptism or christening is typically administered by traditional clergy inside a place of worship, I feel a bit different about this spiritual ritual. My philosophy is: because we are all brothers, sisters and parents to each other in life-- essentially caregivers, we also have the right to help each other attain a purified state. I offer this service, however it needs to be customized.

Kiddush Blessing

We all experience change during our lifetimes. In fact, I believe life is about change, and coping with those times is one of the reasons we're on the planet. I offer the service of administering blessings of words and positive thought upon the manifestations of change, including house blessings, animals, new jobs and businesses, even vehicles or boats.

Ceremony Chairs
Invocations and Holiday Ceremonies

There are times when we all gather for one reason or another: at a meeting, during the holidays, to honor a season changing. This is another time we are in need of spiritual petition, prayer of entreaty, or calling on the collective conscience for empowerment of justification. For these times I offer the service of invocation and prayer.