Ceremonies for Life

Honoring the human state.

The human state is delicate, extraordinary, constantly in motion, and one that should be honored. We do so in many ways, one of which is ceremony celebration. Reverend A. Benae Colbert is a legally-ordained Interfaith minister who represents a multitude of experiences and backgrounds, and will marry you to whomever you want, however you want, whenever and wherever you want.


The mission and goal of Ceremonies for Life is to offer guidance in creating ceremonies for couples who prefer something out of the ordinary. And then...I want to marry you!

"Reverend Benae, How can I possibly thank you for your magnificent participation in officiating the marriage of my daughter? Your beauty, grace and patience (with a bridal party composed of novices) was amazing! The ceremony was emotionally moving, and yet, you managed to keep it tranquil and sincere. You are blessed and you blessed us!"

Janet Tallent-Dickson